Company Profile

It all started with a small cork manufacturing company at the end of the 19th century. Today, the Greiner Group, which is based in Kremsmuenster (Upper Austria), is a Global Player in the plastics and foam sector.

The independent corporation Greiner Bio-One International AG sprang from the laboratory technology division of Greiner Holding AG in 2001.
It is also owned by the Greiner family and specialises in the promising Preanalytics and BioScience sectors.

With a production and distribution network in more than 100 countries worldwide and approximately 1500 employees, the company has been extremely successful in both product divisions. Greiner Bio-One is a global leader in the HTS product sector for the pharmaceutical screening of active agents. In the area of specimen sampling devices, the Greiner Group has been achieving high market share profits for years and has consequently become market leader in a number of regions already.

The global markets for both business fields continually grow by approximately 8 to 10% per annum. Although the market environment during 2012 was definitely tough, Greiner Bio-One succeeded in gaining market share from the competition and in substantially increasing revenue and earnings growth.

Future outlook

Currently a supplier of sampling devices and laboratory analysis technology, Greiner Bio-One intends to become a provider of innovative system and safety solutions, whilst at the same operating as a technological development and research partner for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnological industries.

On the basis of this strategy, global market shares will continue to be expanded, with the emphasis on building up production locations. A further focus will be on emerging markets, as the future market development will be particularly dynamic here.