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The term “preanalytics” refers to all processes, which take place prior to the actual laboratory analysis, starting with collection of the specimen from the body (e.g. blood, saliva or urine), to stabilisation of the specimen, transport, storage, right up to safe identification.

Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics is active in this field of business. With the Preanalytics line products, we are system partner to hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, hospitals and industrial customers. In Kremsmünster (Austria), Monroe (USA) and Americana (Brazil), Mosonmagyarovar (Hungary) and Amata Nakorn (Thailand), products for the area of Preanalytics are manufactured and distributed under the brand names Greiner Bio-One and VACUETTE®.

In the mid eighties, Greiner Bio-One launched the first blood collection system made out of unbreakable plastic under the brand name VACUETTE®. With the worldwide increase in infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV, this is an important contribution to health protection for patients and medical staff.
In order to further consolidate competence as supplier of system solutions, Greiner Bio-One has developed a newly patented Saliva Collection and Quantification System, the first product on the market to allow standardised saliva preanalytics.



The future should bring further expansion of the product range, with development of new safety products for blood collection and diagnostic test systems.