Company Figures

Business Year 2012

In reviewing the financial year 2012, Greiner Bio-One can look back on a year which was as successful as it was eventful. The introduction of new product solutions, the reorganisation of operational management and the establishment of new sales and distribution offices in the emerging markets of China and India all represented important milestones for the future direction of the company.

The financial year 2012 was characterised by raw material price increases and fiercely competitive sales markets. Although the market environment during 2012 was definitely tough, Greiner Bio-One succeeded in gaining market share from the competition and in substantially increasing revenue and earnings growth. Developments in markets in the United States, the Middle East and the countries of the Maghreb region in North Africa have been particularly positive.

Turnover and Cash Flow: 2009 - 2012 in mill. euros

  2009 2010  2011 2012
 Turnover  278.6  311.3  316.2  364.0
Cash Flow   34.1  38.1  28.2  32.0


Overall, Greiner Bio-One increased revenue from €316 million to €364 million. This represents growth in revenue of 15%. As of December 2012, Greiner Bio-One employed 1,713 people worldwide. Cashflow was €32 million. In the past financial year 2012, Greiner Bio-One further invested in expanding capacity in the areas of sales and distribution, logistics and production. The total invested over this period was €33 million.