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Saliva Collection

As specimen material, saliva is becoming increasingly important as an analysis medium. The easy method of collection, together with permanent availability, makes saliva an interesting alternative to other specimen materials.

As collection of a specimen is both easy and non-invasive, saliva can be seen as a stress-free alternative to blood collection. However, the analyte medium saliva varies greatly in amount and composition.

Previously, the problem with saliva was that the collected sample content was subject to variations. Due to this, it was difficult to determine the content of saliva for the analysis. Our collection system has therefore been developed on the basis of a saliva extraction solution. In combination with the method for quantitative determination of the saliva content, standardisation of saliva preanalytics is possible.

Greiner Bio-One revolutionises saliva analytics due to a new, unique collection and quantification system. The new GBO Saliva Collection System allows for a standardised saliva collection by using defined media, thereby preventing discrimination of analytes, as can be the case with carrier-bond collection systems.

The easy, stress-free sample collection as well as the fact that saliva only reproduces the free (biologically active) concentration of analyt inables a wide range of applications in the field of analytics for drugs, hormones and nucleic acids:

Drugs and pharmaceuticals


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Saliva Collection System Brochure