Code of Conduct of the Greiner Group

The Greiner Group has made great strides in the past years and decades. Today, it is a global corporate group that operates in more than 30 states with 130 offices worldwide. With the Code of Conduct, we wish to provide a basis for ensuring sustainable development for the future.

Based on the Greiner Philosophy, which emphasises a long-term approach, trust, growth, humanity, responsibility, respectability, openness, sustainability and self-confidence, we have thus decided to lay down the rules of conduct derived from this philosophy and to make them accessible to all employees, but also to customers and business partners.

The codex has been designed to help ensure the integrity of the behaviour of our employees on a long-term basis.

We are committed to compliance with all legal
norms and to value-oriented corporate action.


We respect our employees as essential partners
for the business development of our
Corporate Group.

We promote fair and free competition.

We are opposed to any form of corruption.

We are committed to handling our own property
and the property of other responsibly.

We separate professional and private interests.

We ensure the economic, social and environmental
sustainability of our corporate actions.